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Mission Statement: “Managed by Nature”
“As crude a weapon as the cave man’s club, the chemical barrage that has been hurled against the fabric of life” - Rachel Carson

Conflict/intrusion by both feral animals and wildlife in industrial/business developments is a reality and what is needed is the expertise to handle the problems in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.

The capability to collect and prepare samples for animal –borne diseases potentially dangerous to humans is an additional benefit of a professional service that few if any can offer.

Arnold Slabbert Port Ngqura Nesting Box Urban Raptor Project Rodent Control - Owl Killed by secondary poisoning

Keokama cc t/a Urban Raptor Project sets a standard that proves that environmentally friendly can be effective .This is in keeping with the highest international standards and in an environmentally conscious world is an extremely important “green” marketing tool.

Arnold Slabbert and his wild allies have the expertise and the equipment to handle or solve any animal or bird problem without resorting to poison or gimmicks.

Arnold Slabbert falcon training Nesting Box Chucky the Rat Slayer Teaching the youngsters Launch Podcast 17.5MB

WildlineWildline is the self-funded wildlife rescue and rehabilitation project of the Keokama CC. It is not open to the public and is but a temporary sanctuary on the road to release. Wildline rescues rehabilitates and releases hundreds of wild animals every year without a single cent of outside funding!

Wildline is officially permitted by the National Department of Environment Affairs as an accepted center for the rehabilitation of threatened and protected species.

Urban Raptor Project subscribes to the principles of Animal Welfare not Animal Rights.

We are also committed conservationists and not preservationists.

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