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Mission Statement: "Our mission is to legitimately rehabilitate injured, incapacitated or orphaned wildlife and to strive to release that wildlife, in a manner that is not only scientifically correct but also ensures that the animal concerned has the maximum chance of survival."

Arnold Slabbert Baby Owl Facilities Secretary Bird Tortoises

Wildline is interested in ensuring that injured; orphaned or incapacitated wild animals are properly handled, treated and released according to sound environmental principles and ethics.
Wildline is against wildlife traders who use the guise of being rehabilitators to obtain animals for either mini-zoos/parks or trade.
Wildline has a continuous liaison with conservation authorities and is permitted as a Threatened or Protected Species rehabilitation centre by the Department of Environment Affairs and Tourism.
Wildline has the support of the Wildlife Society and Birdlife East Cape.

How does wildline operate?

Wildline is privately run and self-funded. No outside funding is received which means that we are only answerable to the Government Department’s of Conservation and Environment affairs.

Wildline has a centre which is private and no access to members of the public is allowed. This is to minimise interaction with humans.

Any genuine rehabilitation centre operating according to international standards does not allow the public in, only a zoo does.

All animals are fed on natural food e.g. owls –mice/insects or eagles-dassies/antelope to ensure that the animals retain their natural feeding patterns and keep muscles, talons beaks etc working.

Wildline operates a conservation helpline which handles hundreds of queries monthly.

Wildline supports Animal Welfare not animal rights and all animals that are predators are trained to hunt and kill as would be the case were they being trained by the adults of the species.

Any wild animal not capable of survival in the wild is humanely euthanized, which is an internationally accepted principle. This ensures that hundreds of maimed animals without quality of life or freedom don’t eke out a miserable existence in captivity.

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